Friday, July 31, 2009

Decrepid - Stage Banner

This week I did my mate Mongo a favour and made him this banner for his very excellent and brutal Death Metal band "Decrepid". I drew the logo originally, so I was more than happy to make this. It was great to get to use the new found space of the studio.

Mongo bought the canvas and Gnarley Tom gave us a five finger discount on some paint......

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dolls - Dublin

I drew these for my friend Petweaker's shop / clothing range called Dolls. Its straight outta Dublin, I think these are going on dresses? But I'll wait and see what she decides is best for them.

Petweaker is the Gill's Mrs and they were over in London this week, jet setting off to a wedding in Italy, but they stuck about long enough to collect the drawings and for me, the Gill and Hangtime Heartbreaker Stu to get some good old fashion shredding in.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cleptomanicx - Helldog Shirt

Cleptomanicx have just made this as a "guest artist" t-shirt, Stefan asked if they could.... have a look at here on the Clepto site. I'm really stoked to get to work with Stefan, he's a super good friend of mine and I love his work.

I went to see Stefan in Hamburg last weekend, his new studio is really rad. Here he is showing me some of the art he's collected, a Craig Questions piece.

He also made this new zine, which has these 2 drawings of me, he drew when I took him to Leeds Castle, there's also a rad drawing of the view of Crystal Palace from my house.

Obviously we went to the fair and hit the big dipper!!!

cheers Stefan!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I have an exhibition of my prints put on by the kind people
of Mishka next week, so if you're in New York go take a look.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


After a hard week at work, in the studio I took my Aussie mate Kristina to Aldershot, my home town and the place where m y heart is. For some reason she wanted to see what it was like.... well its like this:

Kristina and Laup in the Easy Bar...

The locals...

Pipe can get her fist inside Laups mouth....

On saturday we all went charity shopping all day cos the rain stopped me and Laup skating, I got some Chas and Dave records, a ZZ Top record, 2 pairs of Dickies for a £ and Candieman on video... so good!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I have only 4 of these and there were only ever 5 made. Carhartt had them made for me for a show on Halloween 2 years ago and they got lost behind a load of other work.

They're crazy,square, 594mm x 594mm. They're printed on glow in the dark vinyl, like the stuff they make fire exit signs out of in night clubs. This shit really glows!!!... the vinyl is a giant sticker. So there's these 4 and no more.... ever!!

So get one ..... before I get bored and stick one to the front of my car....

(I'll throw in free postage)
Either email me for one or just buy one with Paypal from online store....

Studio Update

By this afternoon I managed to get all my stuff finally into the studio and organised enough, that I can get on with some work. Its strange working some where new, but its definately better being in such a bigger and easier space.

Monday, July 13, 2009


My friend Ollie has moved to Japan with his wife and met my Japanese friend Naru. I didn't organise it, they just met by accident. Its rad when things like that happen.

Have fun in Japan you guys and listen to Butcher ABC for me!!

Who Builds - Laup Builds!!

Slowly I'm getting things sorted in my new studio, I decided to take it easy and make things the way I want them instead ofrushing in and cluttering it up. Laup came up at the weekend and we spent all weekend building this new desk, with a light box built into the top. When I say we, I mean Laup did and I just held tape measures, bits of wood, screw etc and he made it. Its rad. I'm so stoked I always wanted a massive desk with a built in light box.

A shelf to put drawings on.....

There's strip lights under this, instead of buying perspex we used the old glass top from my old desk and sunk it into the top of the table.

Cuppa tea boys!!

Tools of the trade, Laup got a new saw just for the job. Thanks mate....

Friday, July 10, 2009

BBQ's, Babies and Boards - Mitchett

Last Sunday, there we had a BBQ at the Mitchett Mini Ramp, near my home town of Aldershot. It was just an excuse for all the skaters I grew up with, well the ones still in the UK, to get together with their families and friends, skate and have a laugh. The guys I grew up skating with were allot older than me. I was 12 when I started skating with them and I think Brow was the closest to my age and he was 18? So it seemed like a big age gap and now allot of them have families and real jobs, unlike me who seems to be living a Peter Pan existance.

Mikes Heelblock

I thnk we're gonna try and do this more often its good to see everyone again.

German - Down for Life

My German friend and a friend of Stefan's, Hilko, just started getting this tattoo of my drawing.

Thursday, July 09, 2009


On yesterday I was in Paris, I had a meeting at the Studio 55 Gallery to show them some works I have and also to sign the large skull drawing I made as a commission for a client of theirs.

My meeting was over by 11am, so I met Lucy and Sophia for Coffee and Croissant at Autobus, Scott and Paris Benjamin met us as well. I stayed with Chas, Lucy and baby Sophia for 2 nights. It was really good to see them and get a little time to hang with Sophia, Lucy and also get a little shred in with Chas at the local curb and just one "Vine Rouge" . I miss Chas and Lucy living in london, but I'm so happy for that they love living in Paris this much.

In the afternoon I met Ace Dave Tura and went to visit the guys at the indoor park just outside Paris, they've just built this new bowl outside the park. Its really good fun and they have a concrete skull !!! a good day of skulls!!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Jerome just sent me this foto of the new Independent Trucks pre-order book he has in the office. My shirt is in there. I dunno if you'd get how proud and stoked I am to have made anything for Independent, but as being the one brand I have always backed its the best thing to have happened to me in my artistic career. As a skater this is the highest level I can get to.... Indy's are skateboarding to me, I really can't believe I've actually done a shirt for them. I'm so happy I could cry......

Its gonna be even more mental when I see someone wearing one.....


SUBURBAN BLISS - Wanderer T-shirt

Monday, July 06, 2009

New Studio

Last week I found a studio and signed the lease, it was a really good size space and a good deal. I've not started moving in yet, I just went in and painted it all white again tonight. Its gonna be 2 weeks until the internet is installed and Laup is coming up on saturday to help me build a desk across the window wall, with some shelves under it.

I really can't wait to be able to move all my stuff in and make some much larger works, I haven't really had the proper chance to do so since I was in university, unless I use someone elses space. Its gonna be so good, to be able to make larger work and be messy again.

I'll keep you posted how it goes...