Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I have only 4 of these and there were only ever 5 made. Carhartt had them made for me for a show on Halloween 2 years ago and they got lost behind a load of other work.

They're crazy,square, 594mm x 594mm. They're printed on glow in the dark vinyl, like the stuff they make fire exit signs out of in night clubs. This shit really glows!!!... the vinyl is a giant sticker. So there's these 4 and no more.... ever!!

So get one ..... before I get bored and stick one to the front of my car....

(I'll throw in free postage)
Either email me for one or just buy one with Paypal from online store....


Anonymous David said...

I'm not really familiar with your work, but I saw someone wearing this shirt at work the other day, and had to look it up online. I thought maybe there was a band out there with the named "Destined to Fester", playing Autopsy styled death metal. Is there, or is this just a shirt design? Either way, nice work.

2:25 PM  

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