Monday, July 13, 2009

Who Builds - Laup Builds!!

Slowly I'm getting things sorted in my new studio, I decided to take it easy and make things the way I want them instead ofrushing in and cluttering it up. Laup came up at the weekend and we spent all weekend building this new desk, with a light box built into the top. When I say we, I mean Laup did and I just held tape measures, bits of wood, screw etc and he made it. Its rad. I'm so stoked I always wanted a massive desk with a built in light box.

A shelf to put drawings on.....

There's strip lights under this, instead of buying perspex we used the old glass top from my old desk and sunk it into the top of the table.

Cuppa tea boys!!

Tools of the trade, Laup got a new saw just for the job. Thanks mate....


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