Monday, July 06, 2009

W+K Destroyed by Metal - Amsterdam

Last week I flew to Amsterdam to help install my exhibition at W+K. It started, as it continued, a weekend of firsts. The guys at W+K got me a car and driver to pick me up from the airport. The dude even had a sign with "Mr French" on it in arrivals, I've always seen people with those signs and thought it'd be great to get picked up instead of having to get the Megabus to a foreign town. This dudes was rocking a Merc, with plush leather seats and some dope gangster rap. I HAVE ARRIVED!!

Once at there Lel and Andrew met me, we had some Pizza on the roof and a few beers and then, myself, Andrew and Lel mounted, framed and roughly hung around 40 pictures. Andrew tried to dodge work 'cos he needed to go and meet with some "hot swedish chick" ... so Lel and me stayed till around 2 am to hang stuff and just generally make a start on the show.

The next day there wasn't much I could really do in the day time, as the office at W+K is open, so I needed to wait to get stuff finished. So I spent the day, sorting out emails and other stuff in the morning and then the afternoon at the skate park. This bowl is some serious fun and also become a really cool place to meet people. I met a really good group of local skaters and new friends. Allot of which ended up coming to the opening and the metal show at the Cave on the friday night. It was funny I actually met allot of other Engles who came.

I didn't get any foto's of the actually opening, but here's some of just before it got started, the space is the reception of the W+K office. Its actually a really good space, there were all this pictures hanging also 2 screens playing some video clips and animations of my work, like the video here on my blog.

There's was expense spared, with a coffin for the beer to be put in and also a wreath with my name on, like it was my funeral. Metal was played at all times....

Also the VIP's were given these wrist bands for the after party at the Cave... I think I may have made it when I have my name on a festival style wrist band.

Also with the shirts, I put on the blog the other day, with the band logo's and dates on there was a merch stand, selling more of my shirts, screen prints and zines. It was like a french stock... I was so overwhelmed by it.

The Metal Show was absolutely amazing... it was at this tiny metal venue "The Cave", a really good place to see bands. Lengt'che were on 1st, (above)... rad Belgian death.

Nox were on second, total brutal black death with vocals by the old singer from the sick Dutch band "Prostitute Disfigurement".

Then the entire reason for me to be in Holland, Inhume. It was amazing, W+K asked who I wanted to get to play at the opening I suggest Inhume, but I never thought they would get them? So rad! I saw them a few years ago in London. I've been a long time fan... I think they're so brutal and such good fun live. Even better they came to the exhibition and I got to hang out and chat with them, drank a few beers and they even gave me, not one, but two Inhume happy!! They're really good guys... like a beer and having a laugh. The show went off, I have bruises all over my back from being knocked down in the mosh. Also Ben gave me the set list as momento of the show...thats getting framed. Thanks so much for playing guys and just being rad.

Thanks allot to all at W+K for making the show happen, a massive thank you to Jeff Kling for even thinking of the idea of having me at W+K. Big huggs and thanks to Lel for looking after me and being a road trip Mum for the few days. Cheers to Andrew (its a wigg and a fake tan)... and a special thanks to all who came, saw, bought art and shirts..... and the biggest thanks to the Cave and all the bands who made this the best thing ever!!!



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