Friday, June 26, 2009

Slaughter, W+K Amsterdam

The very nice people at Wieden and Kennedy, Amsterdam, have invited to put on an exhibition of my work in their gallery next friday. Its gonna be pretty rad. I think Andrew there has made a coffin to put the beer in and is getting a load of crazy other stuff made for the show. They've really hooked me up. So "get your arse to mars" ...well Amsterdam and come have some free beer and "a smoke and pancake".

Also there's an a gig for the show and they managed to get some real brutality.... Leng t'che, Nox and Inhume. I really love Inhume, I saw them before at the Underworld... so rad.

Theres also special gig shirts being made for the show, they were designed by Dem's the Aussie beaut!!! Ya little ripper!! ...and being printed by the masker of ink... Lovenskate "Hangtime" Stu.

front of the shirt


Gets some!

See you at the front Inhume!!! ...."GARGLING GUTS"!


Blogger Demian Johnston said...

Killer stuff man! Glad i found you.

6:30 PM  
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