Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"You guys are gay, right?"

I know that this blog is meant to be of my artwork, as its linked to my site, but as I just spent 2 months off skating, and trvelling in the USA, thats what it is at the moment. Also I'd say that skating and travelling definately help develop work.

So these pictures on this entry are from 2 weeks I spent in Oregon and Washington with some of my best friends. I didn't take my camera outta my bag ... I dunno why ? These are Stu and Dave's fotos.

The crew was: Rich "Ass-Snake" Gilligan, Bruce "Ox" , Stuart "Lovenskate" "Hangtime" Smith and Dave "Fullertron" Fuller. The best 2 weeks of my life. You guys rule!!!

Before going away I new The Gill was a tweaker, but man, after 2 weeks of tweaking out over food, shoes, sleeping, washing, Onions, coping, cameras, buying stuff and silent farts that gave in the new name of "Ass Snake" The Gill proved he's a giant tweaker. I'd liken him to Charlie Babbit in Rain Man. "Definatley no onions, def, def, definatley no onions in that". I love The Gill and I wouldn't wanna be on a road trip without him and his crazy ways.

Most of the trip we got all 5 of us in a cheap motel ... sometimes one person had the floor.... always Gill tweaked out. Ass Snake!!

Donald.....Fuck me!!! This was one of the highlights of the trip. We were all wasted from so much skating. We were meant to be having a day off. The Ox was so injured he could hardly walk and we were all just monging in the motel. Luckily I can't sit still, so when everyone else was trying to rest I got all anncey and made us all get in the car and go to Donald just to see what it was like.

Well we got there, and it was on!!!! This was one of the places that the Ox really wanted to skate, so he tooks some painkillers, coated his body in Bengay and got involved. Slamming and saying the amazing words "its ok I have one good limb left" Everyone had a super sick skate...stu went off on one f/s and b/s over the stairs, grinds in deep and shallow. There is footage when stu's made the video for the Lovenskate site and Tweakerzine.

The highlight of my skateboarding life is this bowl, Mc Minville. I went there a few years ago with the AFFF and no one went over the door. I wanted to carve over this door so much and I'm such a pussy, but Stu's all time stokedness and the Ox's ultimate skate coaching got me to do it this time. I've never been one for the hugging and shouting when I make a trick... but me and stu had a proper man embrace after I carved the door. Stu obviously doing it f/s and b/s and getting a grind over it, total ripper. Just thinking about it makes me so stoked I wanna go out and skate.


"Da Gill"

American...not American't

Fornication under command of King!

We were in 2nd hand clothing store in Portland and The Gill asked if I'd ever seen one of my shirts in a 2nd Hand shop.... well I have now?

The highlight of Gill's life...we went to the Goonies house in Astoria, the Gill being so excited he jumped outta the car while it was still moving....

The Goonies at the Goonies house!

"The OX" the most underated skater on the effing planet. This guy makes me skate ... and hypes the session. The Ox got injured every time he skated, but if you see how amazing this machine skates you'd get it. As stu said to me at Orca's Island when the Ox was skating "I didn't get it, but now I do, thats skateboarding". Also, when he couldn't skate there's no self pitty or bullshit sitting in the car he comes out to the park and gets stoked on everyone else skating and actually tell's you in a good way what you need to do to get the line. The Ox .... essential for all roadtrips.... and the dopest man in Ireland.

"He thinks he's on a mountain" ..... we drove to the top of the mountain at Orca's. Stu is one of my best friends in this world, and in the last 2 years we have been on some crazy, life altering skate trips, but this one takes the prize. Cheers for coming along mate and keeping the stoked level to 11. "RIDER"!!!

Arlington was the 1st park we hit... just wait for the Tweaker article... the foto of the Ox in this thing is insane! First day, first park....1st injury.

Stu, me and The Gill all flew out together, but flew home seperately .... and it became a custom that we would eat at the Denny's near the airport when we got there and when I dropped them off.

I'll add a post when Rich and Stu have edited the foto's and the video for tweaker and the article is up and running.... I saw the footage the other night and its pretty amazing times.


Blogger Richard Gilligan said...

tweakers for life son....

3:32 AM  
Anonymous Chicken Face said...

Man! I remeber that door being ridiculous! Theres no space over it!! Props.

5:22 AM  
Anonymous Sonny Day said...

Oh shit!!
Frenchman this looks amazing, so stoked you cunts had a ball!!!

6:30 AM  
Blogger West Side Rats Skateboards said...

OMG the goonies...

10:34 AM  

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