Friday, June 05, 2009

Dave Fuller - King of Colorado

The entire mass road trip across the states is this man, Dave Fuller's fault. He was on a road trip with us in Oregon and Washington. When he flew back to Colorado, he said " you should just drive to colorado" ...I said I wasn't sure about driving all that way and his reply was "I have a mini ramp with curbs for coping in my garden".... so it was on. Two weeks later and after seeing Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, South Dekota, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, and Iowa we rolled up to Fullside and hung with Dave and Mrs Fuller. Saw some rad national parks, went to a drive in and skate a few other rad parks with Dave.

He's one of those really rad guys that just becomes a life long friend in about the 30 sec's that you meet him, the most genuine and rad guy. Also he likes a good "your mum" joke. Dave rules!

Colorado National monument is pretty, I have loads of good foto's of the view.... but this is the most american thing I saw. The park rangers RV. He was trying to get me to give him my Roadkill Mesh cap, but he would swap it for a annual parks pass worth $80's so I wasn't giving it up.

Colorado Springs new park is beyond words.... the place it massive the locals are really friendly and fun to skate with and they have this rad view of the mountains from the park. But theres no Portugese cafe, like at Stockwell. We met this really nice guy Chris who looked out for use and let us stay at his.

In Denver, Dave took me to skate the "Bad Egg Bowl" ... jesus christ these dudes have all this stuff in their yard, concrete and wood. Its all so small and really tight trannies. Its so difficult to skate. Just doing axle stalls and 50/50's makes you feel like you really had a good skate. Joe, who lives there ripped the place a new one and Dave, being thre legend that he is killed it.

The shallow end is nearly as small as a board is long, its hard to carve, let alone grind.

We also went to the Royal Gorge, the worlds highest suspension bridge. I just remember about half way across this.... that I'm terrified of heights. SHIT MYSELF HAVE YOU!!! The bloody thing moves when the wind blows.... I couldn't get all the way across it, it has wooden slats to walk on and you can see through them as it moves from side to side.


Blogger Richard Gilligan said...

ay mista, could ya spare 2 euro?

1:48 AM  
Blogger fullertron said...

You were totally cutting loose in the man cave!

Shortly after the egg bowl we went to the "Comton Mart" to buy Dickies.

"Definitely dickies, def, def, definitely dickies, gotta be dickies" your mom's got dickies.

6:50 AM  

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