Wednesday, June 03, 2009

West Seattle Bowl / Butter Bowl

My last few days in Seattle were really good fun. I met up with these rad guys at Marginal Way and they took me to a bunch of parks like Bainbridge Island and just before I flew home on monday to the West Seattle Bowl and Butter Bowl. That at right next to each other in a back yard. We even met Mark who build the bowls, he runs Grindline Skateparks.

These foto's don't come near to showing how gnarley this bowl is..... I was so stoked on just dropping in and rolling around.

After cleaning this out Travis rolled in, in the deep end....which is a serious job.

The Butter Bowl is smaller and much faster.... but still so much fun. Travis had crazy b/s ollies in the deep and Ryan was getting all kinds of grind in it. After skating the massive bowl and then skating this again, it felt allot easier and smoother.

My friend Jordan was also skatng there but I don't have a foto of him. It was worth going to Seattle just to skate these, let alone all the other crazy parks and DIY spots.

Thanks allot to Mark, Ryan, Travis and Jordan for giving me ride to all the parks, the airport and for the beer..... and some sick shredding.


Blogger Unknown said...

French - I met you in Portland at BBQ at Mike M's house. Good to meet you. I should have gave you my contact info in Seattle but didn't know you were flying out from there. Glad you got to hit the West Seattle bowls though - they're a blast. Like your artwork too. ~ Billy D

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