Thursday, April 16, 2009

Force of Nature - Urn Exhibition

Yesterday I made this drawing on an Urn for the my friends at Force of Nature in Copenhagen. Its gonna be for a charity exhibition later in the year.

They're putting together a show to celebrate life. And deathForce of Nature is a small store / art space in Copenhagen Denmark. Dealing in fashion, art and design. The store is disguised as a classy funeral home office on the outside, no products on display, only a few urns decorate the windows. On the inside the store is looking like an office with the words ”Life before Death” cut out in bronze on the wall above the giant palisade desk.

They like the idea of acknowledging death as a part of our life’s, and a key element to get the best of it while we’re here.

In October 2009 they are opening up a show with 15 urns, all done by some of the artists they admire from the national Danish art/design, as well as international.

Mads told me "We had this urn project on our minds for some time now. We don’t have the finances to pay the involved parts, so we hope you will donate your artpiece to the show. And then the plan is to donate the money from the sale to a good relevant course."

"A dear friend of ours past away just recently at the age of just 27, after
fighting cancer for almost three years. This has convinced us to donate
the money to the Danish Cancer Treatment Youth Division, with a focus on
giving young people with cancer a decent treatment, with a focus on other
needs then a child or an older person."

My drawing does have a few ideas behind it, which doesn't happen often. I liked the idea of drawing "The Angel of Death" its kinder from the old Cide Skate Shop logo and sweat shirt. I liked the idea that you might "SHRED TILL DEATH" ..... so I'll shred till death comes for me. This might be my drawing for the skateboard exhibition in Brisbane as well 'cos of this idea.