Saturday, April 11, 2009


I'm not taking a holiday this easter 'cos I have too much work to get done, but yesterday we got a good skate in early so then I could work the rest of the day.

Gorm had the downlow on the new Sutton Bowl at Collingwood, so him and Ray - Kwon...the Croydon legend, picked me up at 8 am and we headed over to the park via Jamie's in Merton. A very early rise for such a man as Jamie....he is a pirate after all. The bowl was rad and we got at least an hour and a half with just the 4 of us there.

Jamie never happy with just skating whats made for you decided he needed to do this nozz grizza before 10am?

Being a new park and obvious councils having no idea about cleaning it up Jamie set to it....

Glad they did make a new park cos this old quarter and whats left of the old park is pretty sketchy.... Ray took this foto, of gorm taking a foto of me doing a f/s feeble.

Gorm's been experimenting with b/w film and developing it at home.... here's a good'en of Ray.

As all good days are...we ended up at the poshest cafe, The Savoy for a slap-up breakfast, a quick razz on the concrete mini at Jamies and I was back at work by 1pm and its raining heavily..... good use of a good friday.