Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Portland Pool

I stayed with my friend Mike and his wife Kate, in Portland, we were just chatting about what there was to skate, which parks etc and Mike just mentioned there was a backyard pool you can skate at the moment. So the following morning we got up and headed out to this pool. I've never skated a pool before, and it's on list of things I have to do before I'm 30.... so this was a total dream come true. It kinder felt like we were in an old Speed Wheels video.

I had an idea that skatng a real pool would be allot harder than a fake pool in a skate park, but really its so difficult up to that. Mike fixed the drain and we got skating.

Mike made it look pretty easy, getting f/s grinds and tiles every time. I was just stoked to get tiles and over the light. The shallow end was just like a straight wall. We probably got to skate for 30 minutes, one neighbour was cool as hell. Mike told her "this is my buddy from englland, he's never skated a pool before" and she just told us to have fun. But then some kill joy came over and told us to get out or he'd call the cops. So we just left..... but I was so stoked on even just one run.

Mike and his buddy Justin have a really rad skateshop in Portland, really near the Burnside Park. Its called Shrunken Head you should really check it out, they also have a wheel brand called Jivaro. The shirts they have are off the chart with really rad "zorlac" style artwork, its a proper skateshop. They pretty much only sell good board brands, the best wheels, just Independent Trucks, just Vans and Vox and carry a few items of clothing, but mainly their own shirts, hats and hoodies.

Check out the website. They have a new online store and all that.

Thanks allot to Mike for sorting out two 1st's for me.. pools and going to a strip club for lunch? Also thanks to Kate for having me and cheers to Justin for the shirt and all the help in Portland.


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