Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More Colorado.......

Dave took me out to Rockies and on the way back we past this rad little park in the mountains, with a sick view... obviously I did a front rock.

Also Dave's family have a log cabin, like the one in the Evil Dead, up in the woods. "Join Us"

There were these horns outside.....

Lord Fuller sent me some more pictures and I just thought it rude not to show the Fullside Ramp more... also to prove to Gorm I have more than front Rocks and Frontside Grinds....

I now have front feebs and front 5050....only frontside tricks though.....


Blogger Van Damned said...

Hey French,

I couldn't find your email address anywhere, so I decided to leave ask my question here. Hopefully you'll see this.
I was wondering if you had any of the Humour of Initiation zines left. Or any pins.
I'm very sorry to have missed out on it when it was first available.
Thanks and cheers,

Van D.
Austin, TX

1:08 AM  

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