Thursday, June 25, 2009

DECREPID - at the purple turtle

Decrepid played at the Purple Turtle last night, obviously me, McFly and Stu went along to see Mongo and he's mates destroy. They totally ruled, the sound was really good and they played so tight this time. Proper death metal.... if you were to look up death metal in the dictionary it'd say, well it'd say "Bolt Thrower", but under that it'd say "Decrepid at the Purple Turtle"

It was rad to see Gnarley Tom there as well last night, he'd had a couple of beers... well a bottle of Rosie and 2 cans outside before and then a few in there and was wearing leather trousers from the ladies section in H&M. When I was asking about them he said that H&M have funny ladies sizes ... 'cos he "had to buy a 14 and man, nah, nah, I'm not a 14, I'm a 12". Me and McFly help him have a couple more beers for the road 'cos he "promised the Mrs I'm not getting drunk......I LIED"

Also Tom has "Cock Rock" now tattooed on his towes.... this is the cock foot. Good to see you GT....
Good times, good work Decrepid. Check out their Myspace..


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