Thursday, July 09, 2009


On yesterday I was in Paris, I had a meeting at the Studio 55 Gallery to show them some works I have and also to sign the large skull drawing I made as a commission for a client of theirs.

My meeting was over by 11am, so I met Lucy and Sophia for Coffee and Croissant at Autobus, Scott and Paris Benjamin met us as well. I stayed with Chas, Lucy and baby Sophia for 2 nights. It was really good to see them and get a little time to hang with Sophia, Lucy and also get a little shred in with Chas at the local curb and just one "Vine Rouge" . I miss Chas and Lucy living in london, but I'm so happy for that they love living in Paris this much.

In the afternoon I met Ace Dave Tura and went to visit the guys at the indoor park just outside Paris, they've just built this new bowl outside the park. Its really good fun and they have a concrete skull !!! a good day of skulls!!