Friday, June 22, 2012


Shawn at Supply just let me know that my shirts on sale now, I'm so stoked to have worked for these dudes. Every time I've been to Sydney they've given me the walmest welcome and I chat to Shawn for hours about metal and skating, makes me so stoked to get to draw a shirt for them. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Jason, Dingus and myself went to see MEGADETH last night. 

Thursday, June 07, 2012

"New Empires" Flag Exhibition at VSTR Byron Bay

The wonderful, amazing Chrissie Abbott and I have colaborated to make a flag for the "New Empires" Exhibition curated by the ever so talented Joe Allen. 

"New Empires is an exhibition of new work that will take the form of artist’s flags. 
The flag is a banner that can be held as a symbol for many things including simple decoration 
but because of it’s position in the historical cache always becomes a representation of place, 
politics, beliefs, position, currency, alegience, faith, community, symbol and/or signaling device. 
This exhibition allows the opportunity for artists to consider a state (in the broadest sense) that 
represents their position, as if their very own country. 
Displayed in our row of world flags as if at a world fair, the exhibition will exist as if a roll call of 
New Empires in a world ruled by artists. If only. 
Swaying from the rafters, the audience will be able to walk under the flags and look up at the 
waving works."

"New Empires will be an accessible exhibition 
at VSTR’s new Byron Bay concept store. The 
label creates lifestyle and travel goods, with 
an environment and ocean slant. For the 
opening all product will be removed from the 
store to create a beautiful clean space with 
timber beams and floors. When the elegantly 
handcrafted timber and steel racks are 
returned, imporantly the artworks will be able 
remain uncompromised by the fittings as they 
drape from the pitched ceiling."

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Limited Edition Scion Rock Fest 2012 Screen Print

For the Fest Scion made a limited run of these Screen printed posters. I drew and layed out the artwork. Its printed silver onto black card, super good quality. Its 61cm x 46cm in size. 

Super limited edition and were only available at the Fest in Tampa. 

If you want one CLICK HERE.

Scion Rock Fest, Tampa, Florida

This years Scion Rock Fest was held on Tampa, Florida last week. I was kindly asked to create artwork for the poster. Above is the "screen print" version of the poster. 

The Festival ran for one day but had 4 stages and its was all completely free to get in so long as you RSVP to get a ticket, which to me seems so insanely good to see all these bands for free. Each stage had a slightly different genre of metal, from Thrash and Death to weird and hipster.  I was stoked to get to create the artwork for an event that bands such as Exodus, Repulsion, Suffocation and Origin were playing at. Pretty much a dream come true for me. 

The Ritz the biggest venue of the Festival. 

The posters for the shows were all over town. 

This is the Will Call Tent to get your wrist bands for the fest.

My favourite band of the festival, Origin from Kansas destroying the Orpheum Venue with a Unicorned crowd surfer. 

Scion also made goody bags to give away, which I forgot to grab hold of, like an idiot. But inside you got a digital print poster for the festival, a t-shirt and a tote bag all with my artwork and the line up printed on. 

Thanks so much to all at Scion for making it such a sick few days. 


Last week myself and Zombie went out to Tampa for the Scion Rock Fest (pics etc coming soon). We had free time whilst there so we tried to skate as much as possible and also went and shot guns one afternoon. Obviously I'm not sure if Zombie should be aloud near guns? 




Bro Bowl full of dirt after a day of rain. 

Zombie Load

Zombie Fire

Galeria De Muerte - "Death Metal" T-shirts

Naru at Galeria De Muerte just sent me these images from the catalogue for his new clothing range. Check them out here:

There are also shirts by a load of sick artists, such as Chris Moyen , Putrid and more. Check out the playlist compiled by all the artists: