Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Sunday, August 22, 2010

At First Light - Ninelives Gallery Brisbane

Here's a couple of better images of he show at Nine Lives Gallery in Brisbane myself and Murdoch Stafford have on right now. Check out the gallery site for more images.

Disorder Disorder Exhibition

Here's some pictures of my works and stuff in the Disorder Disorder show. You can see more when they finally get put up on the show site also on the gallery site.

I stole these foto's off Cooperhulkleggs, he's out in Aus at the moment travelling about......

The Panthers, Hill Bombs, Power Slides, Shakey Bowl and Beers

I spent my time back in Sydney after Brisbane crashing at Panther HQ with Luke, Trent and the other Panthers. Check out the set up at Panther HQ and Lukes blade.

Friday was my last day in Sydney and also Trent's Birthday. I went for breakfast with Joe and the family, then Joe dropped me back in town to bomb a hill listening to Immolation, to meet the Panthers and head out to Bondi, to skate the park.

Joe being the legend that he is and the man that makes things happen got us all back at the Skakey bowl in the arvo to shredd, drink his case of beer and celebrate Trents 2 and half decades of Aggression.

After the pub shut we ended up back at Panther HQ with a case of VB to carry on the Birthday celebrations... at which point Henry let loose that he has a NOFX tattoo. Henry is one of the funniest people I've ever met.

Thanks Joe, Sydney, the Skakey and the Panthers for making my last week awesome!!!

Freddy, Bundi, North Sydney

I got to hangout with Freddy this trip, he's the raddest dude to go skate with, gets you hyped and he's down to skate anywhere.

Freddy, Cooperhulkleggs and I went out to Brookvale to skate the pool and so I could finally carve over the loveseat.

Freddy and I had to get a 6pk of Bundi to drink when we skated the Avalon Park. "There's 2 choices VB or Bundi"

Monster Children - Draw Exhibition

The show opened on Thursday, so stoked with all the people that came. There's some more fotos here, if you wanna see them.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back in Sydney

Back in Sydney, missing Brisbane, but chilling with these dudes. Setting up the show and watching Luke do front boards.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Brisbane pt 1

I just spent the last week in Brisbane, when I arrived there was some serious monsoon style rain. My buddy Jay and his wonderful lady Alice got me from the airport, I love staying with Jay and Alice, its the best. Sick hosts!!

Spent Tuesday getting frames and framing all the work for the show, Matt Rab took me around to get stuff and in the evening me and Jay skated the indoor mini at Godbowl 'cos the rain was just biblical.

13 originals, for the show that opened on friday the 13th and 5 screen prints, all artists proofs.

The Nine Lives guys all hard at work, it was a pleasure to spend the week giving Sam Chop so much grief, but he knows I love him. Nine Lives represent!!

The thing you can't show in fotos is the amount of amazing stuff that Jay owns......

Not only does Jay have this amazing house, but he also cooks a mean breakfast, shredds like a beast and drinks like a fish.

Murdoch and I spent the week hanging the show....

Jay hooked it up again that we could skate Robs bowl, despite the rain we managed to get a shred on.

Trent and the Panthers were done to hang out, check out Trents crazy view from his bedroom....

Matt Brady was a ledgend as always, driving, buying coffee, looking after me, my partner in crime and also my new manager in Brisbane.... cheers for everything dude.

Beers and Amol at the Brunswick. Shields, Will, Trent, Matt Brady, Keegan and his bitches were all down....

......more Brisbane photo's of the opening night to follow soon, as I forgot to take my camera out with me.....

FBM - Tom Blythe

Tom Blythe sent me this foto of how his frame has turned out for FBM, I drew the artwork for this.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shutzi gets on it

Stefan Marx just sent me this foto from Hamburg, Shutzi's getting busy rebuilding the Kraken bowl for the Downtown Show Down.


Monster Children Gallery presents DRAW

Opening Night: THURSDAY 19TH AUGUST 6.00PM
Continues: 20TH AUGUST - 9TH SEPTEMBER, 2010.

About the Show:
Three similarly different drawing styles meet in Draw with French, Stefan Marx and Marcus Oakley at Monster Children Gallery. Collectively, their work conjures earlier established themes and imagery mined from a myriad of sources. Interestingly, musical tastes come through in each of the artists work. Each has their own specific way of presenting this in their work. Whether it's a portrait of a folk musician, a scrawled lyric from a favourite song, or a goat's head.

I'll be there... so pop along and say hello and drink beer...

Sunday, August 08, 2010


Random is the name of the game, in 2 days I've have some pretty random events, both days left Sonny's with no plans and just my board, not even a camera. So far, met Luke and the Brisbane Panthers by accident, got drunk as hell, skated with them both days, bombed a hill and got hit by a taxi, hit up Maroubra park, ended up seeing Testament play with my friend Shawn......you know the regular?

I"ve been having an amazing week so far. Dropped all the work off for the show here and sorted that out. I'm staying with Sunny and Biddy, but they've been staying a hotel 'cos their landlord nicley did this to their bog.... and the new one can't be used for 2 days. I've just been peaing in the coffee shop over the street.

Joe picked me up at 6am today to go and pick up Steve, one of the artists from the airport and then we headed out to Penrith and St Marys where the show's gonna be. Here's some little gems from St Marys.