Monday, July 31, 2006


"A THOUSAND THINGS" at The MU, Eindhoven.

I spent last week in Eindhoven, Holland putting up my work in a group show at the MU. Its a really good government run gallery. Everyone was really sound. It was organised as a 2K By Gingham show. The show had a wide variety of artists and designers.

My work.........

There was a newspaper made of everyone in the show, using a shirt they had made for 2K. I was next to Cody Hudson in the paper. I met him at the show.... he's a really sound Mid-west lad.....good on ya!

Sav and Geoff co-ordinating clothes......good shirt though!

Thanks allot to all the dudes at the Mu, especially Angelique, Yoshi, Taka and Cody. Also all the guys at 100% Skate Shop....

Monday, July 24, 2006


This is out now in shops.......

Saturday, July 22, 2006



Thursday, July 20, 2006

Board for some Show?

I bumped into Fos in LA and he got me to make a painting on this board for some show? Some where in the US?
Well i finished it this afternoon.
Los Angeles to San Fran to Los Angeles to New York (again)

Nate and me (pre-nate shitting his pants)

Me and the AMERICAN......this man is a total legend......winner....drove me to san fran and back!

Childhood dream......went to the Santa Cruz warehouse.....and skated Derby

Ken.......the best thing to ever come out of japan.....he rules. See you in London Ken!

Well......the Statue of Liberty is pretty small compared to my massive, hairy bonse.

Friday, July 07, 2006

NEW YORK - "The Rest is Total Silence"

Well, this is me in the middle of hanging the show at the ATM Gallery. Its a really cool little gallery in Chelsea. Owned by Bill.....he's what they based the DUDE in the BIG LIBOWSKI on. Taka the curator was really cool, he's a total good lad ! loves beer and least he's not into hip-hop as well.

This is what the final installation looked like of my wall.

Matt Cass ..........Wamego Kansas represent!.........he's my buddy.

Day after the opening......not feeling that hot!

Dave "THE FUCKING MAN" Denis......he's been hooking me up all the time I've been in New York... picked me up from the airport....taken me for food, looked out for me in general.....TOTAL HERO!

Wes has been showing me how real americans drink beer and taken me to some pretty damn good parties....cheers!