Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Screen Print - Sale of the Week

I've been sorting out the studio this morning and realised I have an over whelming amount of artist proof screen prints and one off's hanging about, cluttering up the place. So I've decided I'm gonna try and put at least one new one a week on my store to sell at a reasonable price to get rid of them all.

Here's the first:

From the BLOOD OATH Exhibition in Sheffield last year I have a 1 or 2 artists proof's of each screen print that I'm selling.

This ones called "HAMMERS"

50 x 70cm
2-colour screenprint on 250gsm Keaykolour Recycled Clay White
Edition of 6, but this is the artists proof.
Signed & Numbered..... I have 2 of these so get in quick if you want one.

Click here to buy it.....

Monday, March 29, 2010



I drew this logo for a No.A in downtown LA. My friends Nate and Alana own the store....

If you want one have a look here

Friday, March 26, 2010

7" Skateboards

The nice guys at 7" Skateboards in Finland just had me make these for them, I'm not sure when they're out, but soon I think. I also just got emailed the promo video (below) these dudes are Finish street shredders!!!

Seven Inch from 7" on Vimeo.

Thanks to Esa for getting me involved....

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Life Changer


The book for the Letterheads show came last week, just been too busy to blog the stuff thats come over the past few weeks. I'll try and catch up this week though. Anyway, this came, looks rad and I'm even more stoked 'cos I sold the drawing in the show. Thanks allot ot Alex for asking me to be involved.

Shiner Deckades

The deed is done, the boards printed and heat ceiled with the warranty.... ready for the show.

Not only did Stu print my board for me at the Lovenskate HQ, and Lilly ceiled it, but he also bought me this amazing book about the downfall of Berlin.... loads of tanks and dead Nazi's.

Cheers Stu and Lillian for all the amazing help.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Shiner Deckades Board

Chris at Shiner has invited me to take part in the Deckades exhibition and decorate an original 80's blank board. This came in the post last week.

After working out what should be in an 80's style graphic I decided that Snakes and Skulls tick all the boxes, got my arse to mars and drew this.

I'm not that keen on painting onto boards and I want it to look like a proper 80's board, so I sized it up to check, by printing it and cutting it out and then got on the blower to the man in the know, Stu "Hangtime" Smith. The one man that know's all things screen printed.

I took the board over to his studio "The Mangle" or "Lovenskate HQ" as we call it, to spray it a good dipped colour of white. This took about 3 coats.

After spraying it and leaving it outside, with the dickhead builders, in the yard to dry, Hangtime gave it a quick warming to dry it right off.

Get the screen layed out so it's going in the right place.

Good tight new mesh....

Take the print out off the board, registered all good and proper like....

Make some paper testers to check its 100% spot on radness is in full effect....

Watch this space to see what the proper print turns out like when its done..... and in the show.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

French Exchange "93 - Paris

When slicks were rad, wheels were small, trousers were massive and pressure flips were cutting edge!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010


In 2004 I got my 2nd ever proper paid illustration job, it was for a company, I'd never heard of at the time called Silas. I drew this as the inside wall for one of the stores in Japan. I also made 2 others for other stores, 2 window displays and a homeware collection.

Looking at this.... what a rad job to get at the time or any time.

cheers guys at Silas (R.I.P)

The Beast Of Sydenham

My studio is in Lower Sydenham, Greg was telling last night about this "Street Panther" around the area and I found this on the Guardian News website:

Residents of the blossom-filled streets of Sydenham were still shaking last night as a father of three told how he had been mauled by a black cat the size of a labrador.

Police armed with Taser stun guns sealed off roads in south-east London, school gates were locked and teachers warned pupils to keep away from wooded areas after Tony Holder escaped with a cuff around the face from the big cat.

Mr Holder, 36, was calling in his tabby, KitKat, at 2.15am yesterday when he spotted his pet being savaged by a 5ft-long animal.

The black, panther-like creature then sprang at him in his back garden.

"It had pinned the cat down, but when it saw me it let the cat go and jumped on my chest, knocking me to the ground," he said.

"I could see these huge teeth and the whites of its eyes just inches from my face. It was snarling and growling and I really believed it was trying to do some serious damage.

"I tried to get it off but I couldn't move it, it was heavier than me.

"I was scared. I really thought my life was in danger but all I was worried about was my family. It was an absolute nightmare."

In the gloom, Mr Holder's 11-year-old daughter Ashleigh, watched from a bedroom window. I just saw my dad flying backwards and struggling with something," she said. "I was really scared."

As Mr Holder was being treated for scratches by ambulance staff, he saw the beast saunter past again.

Armed police arrived, sealed off the streets around Mr Holder's home, loaded their stun guns with tranquillisers and searched for it with flashlights.

The animal gave them the slip, but as tabloid reporters scoured the streets in safari gear brandishing butterfly nets, the Guardian picked up the scent of something big across the railway line by Catling Close.

Billy Rich, 44, was looking out of his window at 5.30am when he saw a black creature leap across the road and bound south towards Mayow Park.

"I see a ... thing," he said.

"What's he supposed to have seen?" asked his ex-wife.

"The beast of Sydenham," your correspondent explained.

"The only beast of Sydenham is him," she replied, prodding a finger at Mr Rich.

"On the news they said it was as big as a Doberman, but it wasn't," insisted Mr Rich. "It was big and black and I thought, fucking hell, what was that?

"It definitely wasn't a pussy cat. It was too big. The way it jumped, you could tell it wasn't a dog. It definitely wasn't a fox, but it can't be a panther - where would a panther come from in Sydenham?"

The British Big Cat Society estimates there could be 100 big cats roaming the land. A £5,000 reward has been offered for the Beast of Burford, a large black cat spotted near the Oxfordshire town.

Scotland Yard confirmed the beast of Sydenham was the second serious sighting of a large black cat in south-east London in the past three years.

Officers responded to reports of a large black cat in Oxleas Wood in Shooters Hill, south London, in 2002 but failed to trace the animal.

Danny Bamping, the founder of the society, warned that if the cat was a melanistic leopard or a black panther, it could kill. "They can be very, very dangerous," he said. "There have been incidents in North America where joggers have been killed by these creatures."

A Scotland Yard spokesman confirmed that officers had visited schools to warn them about the big cat. "A police officer who attended the incident said he thought he saw what looked like a black labrador," the spokesman said.

One pupil at Sydenham high school for girls said the gates had been locked at lunchtime and students had been told to stay away from wooded areas and dark alleyways.

She said they had also been instructed to make a loud noise wherever they went to scare off the beast.

Parents said they would be keeping their children indoors. "The garden is secure but I wouldn't let my little boy Morgan go out and play today," said Kelly Wood.

"He's 19 months. I think he's quite an edible size."

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Mates Shiner

Chris and all the rad guys at Shiner always look out for me and send me stuff when I need it. They are having an exhibition of 80's boards in Bristol in April. Chris has invited me to decorate an 80's blank board for the show. Obviously I'm stoked to do it!!!
As always Chris hooked me up with some needed essentials, including a new Thrasher Hoody to replace the one I've had for so many years. As always it was packed with a lovely message.....

Cheers guys, love you x

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

M&C Saatchi, London

Yesterday, with the help of Shawn and Polish Mike I hung some work up in the front of M&C Saatchi's office in Golden Square. My friend Will sorted it out for me, inbetween his busy day of Kite-boarding and dealing with people on the SA deal. The works gonna stay there for the next 2 weeks or so.