Monday, July 22, 2013

Paris - V.C.M Pictures by Mathieu Claudon

Bordeaux - Shoes for Hugo Guerin

Hugo came down to the Bordeaux event and I customised these for him, check out his blog  

Paris - V.C.M Tour

We got an afternoon and a day off in Paris, so I met up with my friend Vincent and some skating done. 

I crashed at Vincent's after skating Chelle in the evening. 

We met up with the guys at Cream Skate shop and headed out for a picnic / skate / swim

Saturday was the final day event in Paris and our Taxi driver "Franky Boy" set us up in good spirits. 

Not sure if I had enough camera's pointed at me... 

Met Benjamin for a coffee before getting the Eurostar home... enough time for him to instagram this picture of me with all my stuff. 

Bordeaux - V.C.M Tour

To get to Bordeaux we had to fly to Amsterdam and change. 

To get away from Ben's snoring I got to share a room with Tim and Kev. 

A.C.A.B -  All Cops Are Bladers 

Posh Diners 

Ben and Seth hard at work. 


Glasgow - V.C.M. Tour


After packing pretty light and making it to meet the others on the Sunday morning we all headed to London Heathrow to fly up to Glasgow read for the second date of the tour at the Glasgow Vans Store. 

Everyone loves Airport Security!! 

Got an afternoon skate in at Kelvin Grove Skatepark, met some super friendly people and had some Irn Bru and Bucky. 

After the Glasgow event, Erin took Kev and me to get a Pedi...

Its rad when people are stoked on the shoes you customise in store for them. 

Vans Custom Made Tour - London

The London (Camden) Event for the Vans Custom Made Tour was so hectic and hot and that all I got was this one picture towards the start of the day. It was one really busy day, customising shoes and talking to some pretty crazy people. Nothing like a baptism by fire. 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Vans Custom Made Tour

For the next week I'm gonna be travelling about with these lovely people drawing on peoples shoes in different Vans Stores in the UK and France. Here's all the info for each event, come say hello if you're about. 

Here's some shoe's I drew on.....