Monday, November 30, 2009

Installing - Isolated Magick, Chapter One Gallery

I dropped all the work off at the gallery yesterday and then went in today and started to hang the show, with the great help of Tim.

Got the Horse up and running ..... worked out alright I think.

It'll be all up and done for Thursday night......

The Hodge Pound

I don't often get visitors to my studio as people fear the South, but last week, while framing all my work for the show, I got to see this guy, Bert.

Bert's one of my oldest friends from the old country, Hampshire, and he's pretty much a hermit these days. One of the most talented people ever to ride a skateboard and also helped me break my arm at a flower bed gap in Brighton about 10 years ago. Telling me "the next ones yours dude....shacker!!!" Good to see you Hodgefather....

Sunday, November 29, 2009

"Isolated Magick" Zine

I've made a full color 16 page zine to go with my Exhibition.... they'll be on sale from Chapter One Gallery and also from my online store from Thursday. My friend Jasper put this together and got it printed...

Get one!!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Get well soon Dio......

I was meant to go and see Dio again on this current tour, Dio being part of my life for a very long time .... the show was cancelled and I just read this on his website:

"Ronnie has been diagnosed with the early stages of stomach cancer. We are starting treatment immediately at the Mayo Clinic. After he kills this dragon, Ronnie will be back on stage, where he belongs, doing what he loves best, performing for his fans.

Thanks to all the friends and fans around the world that have sent well wishes. This has really helped to keep his spirit up.

Long Live Rock and Roll, Long Live Ronnie James Dio"

Get well soon..... and don't dream too much evil.....

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Isolated Magick Exhibition - Chapter One Gallery, London

I have a solo exhibition which opens next week at the Chapter One Gallery, really kindly supported by Carhartt. The show's a mix of pencil and ink drawings, ranging in size. There's also a full colour 16 page zine to accompany the show.

The Private view's on the evening of the 3rd December from 6pm - 8:30pm.

Terrorizer Magazine are organising an after party at the Intrepid Fox from 8:30pm - 12:30.

If you're in London, please come down and say hello.....

Chapter One Gallery,
33 Marshall St, London W1F 7ET

More Screen Prints for Sale

These dudes are Time Lords....

Time Lords are so called because they are able to travel in and manipulate time through technology to a far greater degree than any other civilization.

The Time Lords' home planet is Gallifrey. Gallifrey has been destroyed and the Time Lords are functionally extinct, with only two known surviving members.... so £20 for some a Time Lord seems pretty good to me?

Ok there's a story to this print....

The Hand of Glory is the dried and pickled hand of a man who has been hanged, often specified as being the left (Latin: sinister) hand, or else, if the man were hanged for murder, the hand that "did the deed." A candle made of the fat from a malefactor who died on the gallows, and placed in the Hand of Glory-which comes from the same man as the fat in the candle- (as in a candlestick) would have rendered motionless all people it was presented to.

The Hand of Glory also purportedly had the power to unlock any door it came across. So I'm hoping my screen print has the same power.... not bad for £20? There's just a few of these left.... from a very limited run, well actually 4 left.

As always screen printed by Hangtime at Lovenskate and very limited and I'm not charging postage or packaging in the UK and £5 anywhere else.

Their A2, Ikea make frames just the right size for these...

Horse and Skull

The Horse for the show is pretty much finished, I just need to add some more small details to it and just sharpen it up a little.

I've also just finished the last new work for the show, as standard its another skull, A2 in size..... here's some images of it on the go and done.

All the works framed up and just needs bubblewrapping and taken to Chapter One.

There's 6 A3 Pencil Drawings
6 A3 Ink Drawings
6 A2 Pencil Drawings.......

Monday, November 23, 2009

Prints on Sale NOW!

I've been sorting out stuff for my show next week at Chapter One and found that I have a few screen prints here at my studio, the drips and drabs that have come back from past exhibitions and got hidden in my draw. Most of which I only have 2 or 3 left of each.

So I've put them all up on my online shop for sale. The prices range from £15 - £25 and its free postage and Packaging in the UK.

If you have any additional queries just email me and see if I can help?

Scion Video - filming in progress

Alanglass and I have been filming for the video we're making for the Scion Installation Gallery. I spent the weekend in Bristol with Alanglass. We got some great footage.......

Also ended up at a metal night in Bristol and Alanglass had a kebab, before I tried to run up the worlds steepest hill.

Horse and Eagle

This the point I'd reached on my horse by the end of play on friday, I'm gonna get back onto it today.

.... and here's some gradual foto's of the eagle as it got done.

Friday, November 20, 2009


Been drawing this massive horse on paper for the "Isolated Magic" Exhibition......

...... and listening to "Live After Death" .........


Eagles and Hawks

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hilko - Hamburg

My friend Hilko in Hamburg has had the tattoo of my drawing on his leg finished. Looking pretty crazy!!!