Monday, March 31, 2008

Sepultura Sunday Session

Yesterday Gorm and I went and skated Bromley banks and when the rain came in, we were lucky enough to be invited by our friend Luke to go and skate a ramp in his barn in the middle of now where. Gorm took these photo' between Maydays on the ramp and Cherry 7ups!

Luke air-walking... go check out his skate shop "South" in Tunbridge Wells.

Dave broke himself off doing switch 360 flips....!

The entire day was made better by the fact we listened to Sepultura - Arise all the way to the ramp and then all the way home. Old Sepultura rules...Arise was the last good album.

Concussion Mag - T-shirt

Concussion have this t-shirt with my artwork on it....I think it's only on sale in Japan? But I could be wrong?

Thursday, March 27, 2008


I did these illustrations for the new "Does it Offend You? Yeah!" album that came out this week. They're on the inlay to the the cd and they have a logo on the cover... I haven't actually seen it so I dunno what it looks like properly but these are the layouts the record company sent me.


I forgot about this, but I helped Toby out ages ago with this thing for SB.....I'm in this photo some where.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I made 500 postcards as well. There's they have a blank "matt" backing so you can write a good message on there.They're normal postcard size.

Business Cards



I made some new little, wallet sized business cards, they came this morning.

Sidewalk Magazine March 2008

This is one of my proudest moments, in this months Sidewalk I have 2 skate photos, my 1st ever!! I've had photo's before but never purely skate ones. This is part of an article I wrote about a trip I went on to the Basque Country last year with a good bunch of lads from Romford. There's much better photo's of other people... so I think they put them in just 'cos they needed to fill pages..but at least they're in there.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I'll probably put this up again nearer the time, but Derek Albeck and I are having a show together in May. There's all knids of limited edition prints / print sets etc and original artworks for sale at the show.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Road Kill Myspace

Right so Road Kill Zine have sorted themselves out and they have a Myspaz page that you can order all kinds of merchandise from, including the latest zines, shirts and the one I have a couple of drawings in:

Get buying!

Oh and I picked up a couple of my Heroin 10 Year board today as well.


I illustrated these parts of the Newbold Spring / Summer 08 catalogue

Thursday, March 13, 2008


I have 3 Funerality Books / Zines from the kind hands of Joe Allen at Izrock. These puppy's a rarer than rocking horse shit. They're rad, full bleed printing, gatefold dust covers and sweet 150 gsm paper. They're are the poshist zine I've ever seen. I only have 3 so 1st 3 people to email me can buy one........ I can't get any more 'cos Joe sold them all.

Also from Izrock my dearest and bestest buddy Marcus Oakley has an amazing book of his work out and the launch for thats tonight at Nog on Brick Lane. There's a little exhibition of his work there as well, so go check it, it's up for a while. I'm so proud of him.....

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dia de Los Muertos

I've been invited to provide work for this sick show in Japan. I'm so into it, it's all proper death metal illustration. I've gotta sort a logo for a shirt for the gallery as well. I'll post it when I've done it.


Skate board legend Chris Miller, has a son, Lucas, who plays plays bass for a "metal" band called Mordium. Chris took this photo of him on stage recently ....he's wearing one of my shirts. He knows whats up.....

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


This is a logo / shirt design I drew for Toby at SB last year, it's coming out very soon, it's being printed this week infact. All the other shirts in the same season are amazing and all so different to each other. Keep an eye out for more amazing Suburban Bliss product.

Monday, March 10, 2008


I went to Kent at the weekend to skate, I met up with Craig Questions and Quiet Dan. They make this amazing zine "Road Kill" the latest issue seems to have 2 parts. One thats just Dan and Craig's work and another thats a mix of loads of other artists. I was stoked they asked me to supply work. Also featured are Dubcan Ferguson, Ali Dewar, John Grande and many others.

I thinks its amazing that these young lads, stuck in Whitstable, get off their arses and make zines, shirts, go on road trips and really put 100% into their artwork at such a young age.

The Road Kill shirts are amazing. Craig drew this one, theres another that Dan did... its amazing! Good work lads.

Happy 18th Birthday for last friday Craig!!! I know zines are £1 and shirts are £7....but I have no idea how you get hold of either of these young thugs? I guess if you wanna get Road Kill, email me and I'll send you their phone number.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Carrier Bags...coming soon

The last month I've been working really hard to create illustration for the Carhartt store in Covent Garden. To go with this show / shop installment I've been asked to create some one off "products" to celebrate this. There's gonna be arrange, t-shirts, sketch books, stickers, very limited edition 2 and 3 colour prints and these 100% organic fair trade carrier bags.

The theme of the illustrations is a sort of mystical Conjuration, with Knights, weird animal people and a sort of sci-fi thing as well, you'll get it when it's all done. These bags look killer....Stu and Chris P at Error Solutions have done an amazing screening job.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Nitro Snow Boards

I did a series of boards for Nitro about a year or more ago and I just realised they're out now. Have a look on Nitro Snowboards site for better images and sizes etc. Here's just one of the 5.


This just came out I actually drew it in 2004 I the drawing is pretty different and sketchy up to the way I seem to draw now.....oh! and it's Fos's hand writing.... best Heroin logo, looks like the Disgorge (US) logo. Looks sick I reckon.

KOAST Snowboards

I just got these sample images back from Sonia at Koast Snowboards in Australia, they're using some of my illustrations for they're new line.

Monday, March 03, 2008


Last Thursday I finally got to breaking point and decided that trains can get stuffed...I'm fed up with waiting on platforms for hours on a sunday to get any where to skate. So I bought a car.

So it was straight to Wales for the weekend with Sam "police, camera, action" Roberts and Jamie Arghh, to skate cement, back yard ramps, street and see Grim for his birthday.

Sam tailsliding Grim's ramp....

Chepstowe, one of the funnest bowls in the UK, we also hit up Aberdare as well.

....and on Sunday we skated Bristol.....well St George and the 50-50 ramp. Good weekend....start of many more road trips. Shred on! ...cheers to Jamie for taking some photo's 'cos I forgot to charge my camera.