Monday, March 10, 2008


I went to Kent at the weekend to skate, I met up with Craig Questions and Quiet Dan. They make this amazing zine "Road Kill" the latest issue seems to have 2 parts. One thats just Dan and Craig's work and another thats a mix of loads of other artists. I was stoked they asked me to supply work. Also featured are Dubcan Ferguson, Ali Dewar, John Grande and many others.

I thinks its amazing that these young lads, stuck in Whitstable, get off their arses and make zines, shirts, go on road trips and really put 100% into their artwork at such a young age.

The Road Kill shirts are amazing. Craig drew this one, theres another that Dan did... its amazing! Good work lads.

Happy 18th Birthday for last friday Craig!!! I know zines are £1 and shirts are £7....but I have no idea how you get hold of either of these young thugs? I guess if you wanna get Road Kill, email me and I'll send you their phone number.


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