Thursday, March 29, 2012

Looking Sideways

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"LET US PREY" - Beach London, May 10th

I'm having an exhibition of drawings at the Beach London Gallery in May. Come and take a look, all the work will be original drawings, all for sale and all priced pretty affordable.

Carhartt have very nicely agreed to help out and sponsor the show. There will be a few pieces of merchandise made to accompany the exhibition. I'll give more info on those nearer the time.

ITA - Refuse, Resist

My good friend Pete just sent me this awesome package of ITA goodies. I drew this graphic for ITA and they hooked me up with a few boards, loads of stickers and some wheels!!!

Cheers dude!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012


There's a little interview with myself about the Exhibition at Backwoods on the Heavy Mental Site.

Joe Allen wrote the intro, which is pretty funny:

French is an artist from England. If this first statement doesn’t make sense then wait till you meet him. A fellow of many contradictions, and calling him a contradiction is the first… well… contradiction. A clever man who acts stoopid, an artist that that pretends to be void of sensitivity, a true friend that will wind you up till you slap him in the face. And then, he is one of the most straight forward people you’ll ever meet – when he says he’ll be somewhere, then his appearance is gospel. A man that has become an honorary Australian for the amount of times he returns to enrich us with dark humor and even darker drawings. I remember when I met him he told me hated Australia and would likely never return, though he was called back for a cameo on Home & Away only to be the least incognito extra in history; covered up head to toe in black jeans and metal t-shirt… at the beach.

French is an artist from England that is an Australian.

Read the rest CLICK HERE.

Giant Robot - Diversions Exhibition

Eric at Giant Robot asked me to take part in this Exhibition. Eric is one of the best people I've ever met and has done so much for me and my artwork, he's one of the good guys in life.

I sent a bunch of stuff over to him the other week, looking forward to being part of the show. If you're around that way pop down and have a look.

"Oath of Armageddon" Publication, Backwoods Gallery

The publication from my exhibition at Backwoods Gallery in Melbourne is now on sale through their online store.

"Let Us Prey", Beach / Pick me Up

I'm having a solo exhibition at Beach in May. Yesterday I dropped off these 4 new ink drawings for Charlie to hang in their "Pick me Up" display next week at Somerset House. I'll have a flyer / invite up soon. The exhibition is going to be called "Let Us Prey"


I've got a very large drawing (200cm x 270xm) and four A3 drawings in the Wangl Tangl Looking Sideways Exhibition. If you're in Austria go along and also check out the skate comp as well.


I have this drawing in this exhibition at Beach London.