Thursday, March 15, 2012


There's a little interview with myself about the Exhibition at Backwoods on the Heavy Mental Site.

Joe Allen wrote the intro, which is pretty funny:

French is an artist from England. If this first statement doesn’t make sense then wait till you meet him. A fellow of many contradictions, and calling him a contradiction is the first… well… contradiction. A clever man who acts stoopid, an artist that that pretends to be void of sensitivity, a true friend that will wind you up till you slap him in the face. And then, he is one of the most straight forward people you’ll ever meet – when he says he’ll be somewhere, then his appearance is gospel. A man that has become an honorary Australian for the amount of times he returns to enrich us with dark humor and even darker drawings. I remember when I met him he told me hated Australia and would likely never return, though he was called back for a cameo on Home & Away only to be the least incognito extra in history; covered up head to toe in black jeans and metal t-shirt… at the beach.

French is an artist from England that is an Australian.

Read the rest CLICK HERE.


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