Wednesday, October 31, 2007



When I got home last night the package from Crematorium Records had come with some Human Excoriation shirts I illustrated. I got an XL for Alanglass. We'd been to Cruciamentum and Abysmal Torment.....obviously Alanglass slept in his. The album is, so brutal! I'm into them.

Danny came and met me to and we went to Camden to the gig.

This is the "Metal Judge" I've seen this guy a few times....he always stands and twiddles his thumbs and judges the most brutal bands!

Obvoiusly we found it so funny.

Friday, October 26, 2007


So I'm off to see the final prints for the show this afternoon. James at Carhart got Lovenskate Stu (with a little help from Chris Peacock) to print up 50 of these limited GLOW IN THE DARK shirts for the show. There's gonna be 18 on sale in the CArhart store on Earlham St, London, 10 for sale on the Jaguar shoes website and then the other 30 o so are gonna get given away on Halloween. So come early to get one.....they come in S, M, L, and Alanglass/Bingo size....thats XL.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


The lasy 2 nights I've been working away drawing this on the counter at Slam City Skates. It's the new bit in the cellar of the shop. I'm not the only one drawing on the walls. Toby has drawn by the front door and Jethro has done another work down in the cellar as well. I hear Mr James Jarvis is meant to be doing it as well.

This is quite finished, I still have a little to add and another small section on the righ to fill in, thats probably gonna happen on Sunday or Monday night. Go take a look.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


So I've been drawing really hard since I got back from New York, all stuff for people that I not aloud to show on my blog until it's used, so here's 2 drawings I've done in my sketch book. One of them I used to make the Invite / Print for the D.T.F show for Halloween.

(at Southend last weekend with Gorm and Gone-hella)

On a shitter note, I've been having some back trouble since I went to Oregon, after going to the Dr and them telling me I'd have to wait about a month to see a specialist I just paid and went private. So turns out I've rotated my pelvis and raised one side of it. Which has stayed at an angle and thats whats giving me the pain. I think it happened when I got the bruise shown below. It's treatable, but I can't skate for a month at least and also the 3 worst things I could have done are skate, cycle and leave it. Obviously I've done all of those....nice one tit-head. So it's just drawing and metal for 4 weeks.

Friday, October 12, 2007


There are more, but I'm not sure when they come out?

Thursday, October 11, 2007


The amazing Matt Cassity just did the layout for this......

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

DESTINED TO FESTER - Halloween Exhibition

I'm having a small Halloween Exhibition, called "Destined to Fester" of "Glow in the Dark" prints.

The opening night is Wednesday 31st October, that's Halloween. 7pm till late. It's Horror Fancy dress, I'm gonna play death / gore metal as well.

The address is: The Old Shoreditch Station, 1 Kingsland Road, E2.

James at Carhartt is making all the artwork possible by fronting me the cash to make prints and invites, he's also having some limited edition t-shirts made. All the prints in the show will be on sale, at good prices and very limited edition.

Come down....

We're Rollin',They're Hatin' New York

I was in New York for the We're Rollin',They're Hatin' Show I had a really good time, I got to meet Gunsho.. he's a good lad and it was really good to see Dan, Cody and Maya again and to meet all the other guys. I had a wicked time...can't wait to get back.

All the work in the show was at such a high standard check out the pictures:

Tuesday, October 02, 2007