Saturday, September 29, 2012

VERITA VLTIMA VITAE - OPENS TONIGHT with Special Guests Suffocation and Origin Performing at the After party

Install - Tapes / Koozee's


Panelling the gallery space. 

Thanks for Gerardo I got to go and see Accept and the thrash metal god KREATOR!!!!


Window graphics.



Different Koozee

Shed Install

Bob Cat , Coyete and Beaver Skulls 

Kenton sleeping on the job.

Shed starting to take shape. 

Install This Week

Framed all the drawings at the hotel

Boards, Moleskin, Tea Towels and Mugs arrived at the Bon Office.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


The opening of “Verita, Vltima, Vitae.” is Saturday at the new Scion A/V Installation retail and gallery space.  They are also throwing an after-party at Dragonfly Bar in LA  for guests who attend the show.  Special guests Origin and Suffocation taking the stage, and the only way to attend is to get a wristband at the art show.  RSVP now!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lincoln & South Pas

Today Nate and I got out pretty earlier to get out shred on. We hit up Lincoln Skatepark for a while and then and South Pas. It so hot though so we cruised back to the pool at Nates and had a quick big. We were soon joined by some full dressed crackhead who was smoking something weird by the pool and decided to climb in fully dressed. 

LA Saturday 22nd

Yesterday I spent the day with Lucky (the dog) and Kenton, sorting some stuff out for the exhibition. We pretty much rode around looking for old wood to help build the install for the gallery. 

Street Treats

Kenton chatting. 

Kenton took me to the a crazy slavage yard and we got some brilliant junk.

9 Mexicans pushing a truck with one girl in it down the main street.


 Lovenskate Stu has worked really hard and hand screen printed me a very limited run of 25 Pool Shaped boards. Each one is numbered, made and printed in Europe. Come down to the show at the Scion Installation on the 29th for the show and get one.