Thursday, July 31, 2008

Peter Beste - is the best

Peter Beste sent me a copy of his massive new hard back, ouber posh book. Its wicked and the first time I've had a book signed to me by the author (me geeking out). I'm drawing one of Peter's photo's to be used as a t-shirt for him. I better get on with this other work so I can get onto to doing that. Thanks again Peter for that....

New Studio...New Sound System

I've spent this week getting my new studio sorted and becoming used to cycling to work and dealing with other people. But my buddy Bingo, who knows Venom really well, bought me this sweet new "Nostalgic" sound system to listen to Venom on...cos my mega one had to stay at home for metal listening purposes. This one can lay records, cd, tape and radio and looks dope! Bingo and his buddies Venom are gonna be making a Venom / Mischief skate store t-shirt really soon. So if you want one just email Bingo ( and ask him to save you one when they come in.

I've been framing stuff for an up coming group was good to sort out what drawings I have and whats good and what needs to get dumped.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


OK!!! So the master of all the web...The Gorminator ...helped me make this dope new webstore to sell my wears.... so go have a look and see what I've got, I'll put new stuff on all the time, but I can only list 5 different things (cos I'm cheap and didn't wanna pay for that).

I've got some zines, shirts and prints and all well cheap on there at the moment....

Its at

Monday, July 28, 2008

Desolate Delights Prints for Sale.

I have of each of these "Desolate Delights" screen prints each number and signed. There are only 5 of each they were the sample prints Derek sent me before the show.

If you wanna buy one they're £7 each for the 1 colour and £10 for the 2 colour , including P+P within the UK and out side the UK I'll have to work it out. Just drop me and email to if your interested and to check theres any left.

New studio

I've finally done something I never thought I'd be able to do and thats get a studio away from home to work from. Its my first day today and after a heavy week of work last week and then moving in over the weekend in the heat I feel pretty knackered...but still excited.

I'm sharing the studio with my friend Chrissie...she's wicked. Anyway back to drawing and making it look a little more lived in and homely.

Friday, July 25, 2008

+1 Shop Box

'Cos I did the cover I got to put my art work on gthe box the copies of +1 come to shops in as well. Shame they didn't tell me they were gonna put some ....... text that say's "I'm free" in hand drawn type. But well it looks ok.

cheers to Jamie the Pirate for sending me the picture.

+1 Magazine - Cooking

So if people hadn't had enough of looking at my work in +1 as part of my interview, they also used these anatomy drawings for a piece on cooking.

+1 Magazine - Interview and Cover

Jamie the Pirate got me a copy of +1 Mag from Slam City, it's my 1st Magazine cover and the interview is a little longer than I thought it was gonna. I apologise to anyone who read the whole thing and thought "god that was boring". But on the up side there's allot of pictures in it. Thanks to David Hopkins at +1 for doing that with me, cheers.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Here Gallery

Gavin Maitland presents:
New Contemporary Drawings
an exhibition of work by French, David Galletly, Simen Helsvig, Salome Oggenfuss and Anna Peaker

30th june - 31st july

Bristol’s Here Gallery is pleased to announce its 7th show of the year. We have invited curator Gavin Maitland to select work from five up & coming young artists who all employ a variety of drawing techniques and styles within their practice.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Document Magazine / +1 Magazine

This month I have an interview in Document Magazine, which is appears in the free "culture" suppliment called +1, I actually got to draw an image for the cover. If you see it have a look, its pretty ong interview, with loads of images of my work. I'm pretty pleased on the way it turned out, although I don't have a copy of it yet.

Galeria de Muerte, Japan

Naru at Galeria De Muerte bought a bunch of Funeral Fog mesh caps and shirts to sell in the Gallery.

.....he rocking both cap and shirt, in front of a drawig he bought from me.

stock in store.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Funeral Fog Merch - for Supersonic

I made some Merchandise for the Supersonic Festival and also to sell at Ideal Skate Supply, if there's any left.

Russell at Analogue Books in Edinburgh made me a new zine out of recent drawings. Its really cool paper again, he has them for sale through the Analogue website and I have 6 left here. They're £3 each including postage.

Here's a better look at the Funeral Fog hats.

James at Carhartt sorted me out with 24 shirts to print on for the show, so I made these very limited edition Funeral Fog shirts.

If you're interested in buying any of these or any of the prints in the show, just email me and I can see if if anything was left after the festival or if demand is high enough I might make some more.

Ideal Skate Supply & Supersonic Festival Birmingham

Last Wednesday, myself and Jamie the Pirate drove up to Birmigham. The lads and ladies at Ideal and the Supersonic Festival asked me to put up a little show at the festival, and paint at the very new and amazing Ideal mini ramp. This is all situated at Birminghams Custard Factory.

As I couldn't project an image onto the outside of the building in the day time I spent the day painting this massive skull above the deck of the lower section of the ramp. Obviously Jamie and me did skate the ramp allot in this week and slept on it as well.

After dark I spent the time painting this figure over the entrance to the ramp, Jamie helped me out loads, he even made this wicked paint pot holder to use on the ladder.

Lucky for me, my friend Logg runs a framers in the Custard Factory and helped me out by framing all my prints.

Putting up vinyl cut prints is a right arse-ache..... never do it.

This is a view of how rad the ramp is.... we saw some right rippers skate it, the Unabomber team on the Big Push and also the Gnar Gore lads as well.

Zombie came down to hang out, shred like a mosher and buy a shirt off me and generally act like a tweaker.. I miss this lad now he lives back in Staffordshire.

My bed ... on the deck of the ramp....

The gas cooker and kettle I have in the boot of my car came in pretty handy this week for Tea supplies whilst working and skating.

The Outcrowd lads made a wicked installation in the Gallery as well... good lads, both Logg and Ben.

Thanks allot to Kris and all the Ideal lads for having us, Lisa and Jen for making us welcome and all the people who we met, skated with and will skate the ramp.