Monday, July 14, 2008

Ideal Skate Supply & Supersonic Festival Birmingham

Last Wednesday, myself and Jamie the Pirate drove up to Birmigham. The lads and ladies at Ideal and the Supersonic Festival asked me to put up a little show at the festival, and paint at the very new and amazing Ideal mini ramp. This is all situated at Birminghams Custard Factory.

As I couldn't project an image onto the outside of the building in the day time I spent the day painting this massive skull above the deck of the lower section of the ramp. Obviously Jamie and me did skate the ramp allot in this week and slept on it as well.

After dark I spent the time painting this figure over the entrance to the ramp, Jamie helped me out loads, he even made this wicked paint pot holder to use on the ladder.

Lucky for me, my friend Logg runs a framers in the Custard Factory and helped me out by framing all my prints.

Putting up vinyl cut prints is a right arse-ache..... never do it.

This is a view of how rad the ramp is.... we saw some right rippers skate it, the Unabomber team on the Big Push and also the Gnar Gore lads as well.

Zombie came down to hang out, shred like a mosher and buy a shirt off me and generally act like a tweaker.. I miss this lad now he lives back in Staffordshire.

My bed ... on the deck of the ramp....

The gas cooker and kettle I have in the boot of my car came in pretty handy this week for Tea supplies whilst working and skating.

The Outcrowd lads made a wicked installation in the Gallery as well... good lads, both Logg and Ben.

Thanks allot to Kris and all the Ideal lads for having us, Lisa and Jen for making us welcome and all the people who we met, skated with and will skate the ramp.


Blogger chas one said...

I bet you're glad I left you that other sleeping bag now!?!

7:46 AM  
Blogger Paul Gonella said...

The show looks amazing, good work bud

12:32 PM  

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