Thursday, July 03, 2008

Carhartt Store & Prints

The store artwork I made for Carhartt has started to be installed, the windows are all completed and there are a number of vinyl cut artworks inside the store, one is massive. I haven't got any pictures yet, the guys there are gonna get some when it's all up and the merchandise I've made has been delivered. The store is on Earlham St in Covent Garden (London).

These are some of the extra vinyl cuts, Alex kindly gave me, I'm gonna use some of them at the Supersonic Festival next week in Birmingham as part of a little Pirnt exhibition I'm having at the Festival.

As part of this merchandise there are 3 very limited edition, 2 & 3 colour prints in A2. There are only 15 of each, I have 5 of my own to sell and exhibit at Supersonic and the Carhartt store have the other 10 to sell. If you wanna buy one just let me know or head to the Carhartt store.

The other merchandise to go with the store decoration consists of printed Canvas shopping bags, sketch books, stickers and t-shirts... but I dunno when they're turning up yet?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

French, could you put one harp playing bird (orange) aside for me, and I'll settle up at Supersonic.


2:54 AM  
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