Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bell Witch - FBM - Tom Blyth - Ride Magazine Print

I just sent these off to 4Down in Hastings, Tom asked me to sign them 
"for a contest in ride UK magazine. Winner gets a bellwitch frame and signed print, 5 runners up each get a signed print if they can answer a king diamond related question."

I actually have 2 Artists proofs here that were extras. They'll be for sale on my web shop, so if you don't win them you can at least buy one from me?  

Volcom - Jon's Ramp Jam

Last week I spent friday standing on the extention of a mini ramp in the Essex Country side drawing a massive skull to decorate the ramp for Jon's Ramp Jam. My friend Kev organised an invite only comp / skate jam for Volcom at Jon's ramp. Myself and Denise helped by painting the back bored of the ramp and Kev did all the other work. With Monster Energy drinks coming down and providing beers, BBQ and refreshments on the day. Some seriously sick skating went down and there were a few hectic slams. Keep an eye out for footage and photo's via Kingpin Magazine. Thanks to all that came, helped out, skated, drank and even more so to Kev for organising the event. 


A little while ago I drew some designs for James at Savakas, he just sent me the link to show they're online now. They came out really well. This ones a "Black Angels" (they're a band,  not death metal though?) and Savakas colab. 

The might Boudica

This one comes in 3 colours and is a signature shirt for my friend Tom Blyth, he rides BMX for Savakas. 

This ones pretty funny, its about the great divide between the poor and the rich, and how the rich have a power over the poor. Well, its meant to be that.... 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Eagle Tattoo

Looks like Nichola Stephenson is down for life, he just got this eagle drawing of mine on his leg. 
Hope it didn't hurt too much? 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Volcom - Amsterdamn Am

I'm so stoked that this year I was asked to draw the poster for Volcom's Amsterdamn Am Competition. Below are some different stages of the drawing as it came together.

I'm so pleased with the way this drawing came out, as well as the colouring of the poster. My computer went crazy so I've lost my version of the coloured artwork, but I still have all the main drawings. 

Detailed pencil drawing. 

Really rough pencil drawing. 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Death Metal T-Shirts

Naru at Galeria de Muerte has  created this new T-shirt range called "Death Metal", as it says its all artwork by artists who love and vibe from Death Metal. I'm in amazing company in this range, with sick artwork by Mark Riddick, Putrid and Chris Moyen as well as many more. Looking forward to seeing these in the brutal flesh. Get a closer look :

Thursday, May 17, 2012


I just looked on the Creature site to see what was out and saw that actually the boards I drew recently are out. I'm so stoked, I even emailed Lee at Creature today asking when they'd be out, now I feel like a knob. I've gotta say, I've been feeling pretty off about stuff recently, but when I realise that I've done work for Creature, one of my all time favourite brands, it makes me so stoked. Its a proper teenage dream come true. This ones Mr Crowley.....

This is the top graphic....

This ones a goat dude reading a spell book...

Thanks again to Lee at Creature for having me involved, you're the man. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Here's the Zine featuring work from "Let Us Prey" at Beach London in May 2012.
Risograph printed onto folded down A2 paper, then folded down to A5 - folds out to reaveal A2 poster inside.
If you fancy it buy one by CLICKING HERE. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Let Us Prey - Beach, Cheshire St, London

My exhibition opened on Thursday night at Beach, I'm really stoked with the way it all turned out. Thanks to everyone who came and had a look. Its still up until the 27th May if you still want to come and have a peek. 

Photo's by :  Rebecca Naen

Friday, May 11, 2012


The good lads at Beach have just posted all the artwork in my exhibition in there online store, so people can have a look at all the work in the show and also purchase an original pen and ink drawing for just £66.60 or £77.70 and get it framed for just an extra £20. This is the first and last time that I'll sell originals for this "slashed" price, so if you want one please buy it now so you won't be disappointed. 

LET US PREY - Install

Thursday, May 10, 2012


The guys at Beach have made this screen print of my Reaper drawing to sell alongside the exhibition. Its an A2 screen print, in an edition of 50 all signed and numbered by myself and inly £30.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

LET US PREY - Install

Charlie  and I started to install my work for my "Let Us Prey" Exhibition at Beach Gallery today. Its pretty much all set up, just a few things to sort out tomorrow. 

There's 20xA4 and 9xA3 original drawings, all pen and ink originals. I've decided to sell them at a very special and affordable recession proof price. All original artworks are £66.60 for A4's and £77.70 for A3. Which is a one off "SLASHED" price for all brand new works made just for this exhibition (but you do have to sign your soul over to our lord satan if you buy one).

There's also a limited, signed and numbered A2 Screen print in a run of 50 at £30 and 100 folding zines.  (above & below)

Come to the Sabbat and check it out, tomorrow evening from 6pm till 8pm. The show will be up until May 27th, but come down tomorrow night and have a beer. 


Please come to my exhibition tomorrow night at Beach. 


Last week, Bert and I went to Malmo for a 2 man road trip. I don't ge to skate or hangout with Bert ( The Hodgefather) that often so it was a rare thing. We skated so much, especially as Bert gets up at 5:30am everyday. Some days we skated for 10 hrs or more. 

We stayed at our friend Tomsie's house, but as he was away our new mate Jakke looked after us, making sure we had keys, a map and bikes to get to the spots and parks. 

We had to fix the puncher in the bike Tomsie left for Bert and then we on the road with out steeds of steel. 

This one's mine, well actually its Jezza's bike, but mine for the week. 


This is American Will, he hooked us up big time. He had  a few days off work, and by the time we'd skated 2 parks in the morning Will was then ready to be a true gent and drive us out to a park or too outside Malmo. What a legend!!