Wednesday, May 09, 2012

LET US PREY - Install

Charlie  and I started to install my work for my "Let Us Prey" Exhibition at Beach Gallery today. Its pretty much all set up, just a few things to sort out tomorrow. 

There's 20xA4 and 9xA3 original drawings, all pen and ink originals. I've decided to sell them at a very special and affordable recession proof price. All original artworks are £66.60 for A4's and £77.70 for A3. Which is a one off "SLASHED" price for all brand new works made just for this exhibition (but you do have to sign your soul over to our lord satan if you buy one).

There's also a limited, signed and numbered A2 Screen print in a run of 50 at £30 and 100 folding zines.  (above & below)

Come to the Sabbat and check it out, tomorrow evening from 6pm till 8pm. The show will be up until May 27th, but come down tomorrow night and have a beer. 


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