Friday, July 07, 2006

NEW YORK - "The Rest is Total Silence"

Well, this is me in the middle of hanging the show at the ATM Gallery. Its a really cool little gallery in Chelsea. Owned by Bill.....he's what they based the DUDE in the BIG LIBOWSKI on. Taka the curator was really cool, he's a total good lad ! loves beer and least he's not into hip-hop as well.

This is what the final installation looked like of my wall.

Matt Cass ..........Wamego Kansas represent!.........he's my buddy.

Day after the opening......not feeling that hot!

Dave "THE FUCKING MAN" Denis......he's been hooking me up all the time I've been in New York... picked me up from the airport....taken me for food, looked out for me in general.....TOTAL HERO!

Wes has been showing me how real americans drink beer and taken me to some pretty damn good parties....cheers!


Blogger Lucy said...

You look damn hot in that photo, son.

I hope you've brushed your teeth.

2:34 PM  

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