Monday, July 31, 2006

"A THOUSAND THINGS" at The MU, Eindhoven.

I spent last week in Eindhoven, Holland putting up my work in a group show at the MU. Its a really good government run gallery. Everyone was really sound. It was organised as a 2K By Gingham show. The show had a wide variety of artists and designers.

My work.........

There was a newspaper made of everyone in the show, using a shirt they had made for 2K. I was next to Cody Hudson in the paper. I met him at the show.... he's a really sound Mid-west lad.....good on ya!

Sav and Geoff co-ordinating clothes......good shirt though!

Thanks allot to all the dudes at the Mu, especially Angelique, Yoshi, Taka and Cody. Also all the guys at 100% Skate Shop....


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