Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Panthers, Hill Bombs, Power Slides, Shakey Bowl and Beers

I spent my time back in Sydney after Brisbane crashing at Panther HQ with Luke, Trent and the other Panthers. Check out the set up at Panther HQ and Lukes blade.

Friday was my last day in Sydney and also Trent's Birthday. I went for breakfast with Joe and the family, then Joe dropped me back in town to bomb a hill listening to Immolation, to meet the Panthers and head out to Bondi, to skate the park.

Joe being the legend that he is and the man that makes things happen got us all back at the Skakey bowl in the arvo to shredd, drink his case of beer and celebrate Trents 2 and half decades of Aggression.

After the pub shut we ended up back at Panther HQ with a case of VB to carry on the Birthday celebrations... at which point Henry let loose that he has a NOFX tattoo. Henry is one of the funniest people I've ever met.

Thanks Joe, Sydney, the Skakey and the Panthers for making my last week awesome!!!


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