Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cleptomanicx - Helldog Shirt

Cleptomanicx have just made this as a "guest artist" t-shirt, Stefan asked if they could.... have a look at here on the Clepto site. I'm really stoked to get to work with Stefan, he's a super good friend of mine and I love his work.

I went to see Stefan in Hamburg last weekend, his new studio is really rad. Here he is showing me some of the art he's collected, a Craig Questions piece.

He also made this new zine, which has these 2 drawings of me, he drew when I took him to Leeds Castle, there's also a rad drawing of the view of Crystal Palace from my house.

Obviously we went to the fair and hit the big dipper!!!

cheers Stefan!!


Blogger Meagan Marly said...

Do you or any of your friends do zine trades? i'm definately interested in doing trades with anyone whos up for it.

9:04 AM  

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