Saturday, March 14, 2009

Wolff Olins

This week I went into Wolff Olins and gave a short informal talk about my work, where my ideas come from, how my interest in art / music developed from when I was a kid. I took a bunch of records and discussed which album covers and music have been really influencial for my work from Black Sabbath "Born Again" to Death "Leprosy", Nuclear Assault "The Plague" to bands like Nuclear Hammer and Morbosisdad. I looked at logo's and typeface a little, Nuclear Hammer's logo being one of my all time favourites as well as that sort of home made lowfi quality to all the artwork.

I think people were pretty receptive to what I said and at least I think some had a laugh, thanks to Jason for asking me to come in and wow they have an amazing canteen. The rice pudding is epic....


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