Thursday, March 12, 2009

Humour Of Initiation Exhibition

I have this exhibition being put on by Vans to celebrate the launch of the Dustin Dollin shoe I drew som artwork for. Vans have created a new gallery with the guys from 50/50 in Bristol. Its being built as we speak it should be ready for the show opening...well it better be.

All the info for the show is below:

The shows gonna be a mix of new Original artwork in ink and pencil, and some really limited edition screen prints. Jamie the Pirate is helping build an Coffin style block to skate, with a pool coping top so it'll be a proper grind! The guys at Viking Blocks are hooking us up with the pool coping..good lads.

Also there's gonna be an after party with Metal bands playing.... at the moment we have some problems getting a venue, at short notice but we have Dan Wound on the search and should be able to get something sorted this week. There's some proper brutal bands on the list.


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