Thursday, March 19, 2009

COFFIN - Humour of Initiation update

For the Humour of Initiation Exhibition with Vans in Bristol, we're making (me and Jamie) a child size coffin for the show, with a pool coping top to be skated the sunday after the show. AlanGlass is maing a pod cast of all the action for the Vans website.

So far I drew this image to go on the top and this is what it currently is planned to look like. We're just waiting on the coping from Viking Blocks to arrive at the end of this week and then I can paint it and Jamie can put it all together.

This is Jamie's planned design and below, what it currently looks like in his yard.

Also exciting news, I got these prints made for the show, I picked them up and framed them today. There's gonna be around 8 different screen prints available at the show, all not shown in the Uk before and these 3 are new. Also we've got zines, badges, bandanas and maybe stickers as well. Also a wide range of framed originals for the show, some so new I drew them this week. More importantly there's gonna be free beer......

How rad are Vans for sorting this out.....?


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