Wednesday, November 05, 2008


The Council Of Dalba is the Aussie skate crew I've been riding with out here. Dalba is the leader of the pack and a total winner. We took from the sunday to the following friday to drive between Sydney and Melbourne via Canberra, skating as many parks as possible.

Before getting going we hit up Sonny and Dalba's secret lair just outta Sydney for some very special Golden Cobra Coffee.

Most the trip we cooked on on the free park BBQ's or on the little Dalba gas cooker.... Sonny cooking up a storm.

While on the road we saw a few pretty big spiders but know of the really nasty ones that kill ya.

We tried to camp or sleep out most nights and a few times we got a motel room between all of us. We slept on Mollymook beach and some gay dude told us off the next morning, while standing there in the worlds smallest speedos.

"Boys, boys, boys....the beaches of australia are not for camping, they're for the people who buy houses here, now please leave and take your rubbish as well" .... yeah we're all like 30 and not gonna respect that...what a tit. If there's not camping on the beach then he better leave as well in those swimmers.

Ulladulla Skatepark was a legendary spot we had to hit....Joe and Sam shot a photo on the vert wall with Freddy.

Bro's in Bowls.....Joe, Dalba and Sonny..

At one park we even camped on the cricket oval next to the park as they had free bbq's and soft grass.

Sam is always the best dressed and well groomed on the trip....

Once I get everyone else's foto's I'll make a better post about the trip.... off to sort out more works for the Brisbane show and maybe skate Fernside.