Friday, October 24, 2008

Altar of Invocation Zine in and we're off Sikunt!

So we're off tomorrow on the 5 day roadtrip to Melbourne, taking it easy today, bombed hills yesterday and just chilled. Gonna hit Melbourne on Halloween and the show opens on the 3rd Nov (flyer above)

The news paper format Zine came back from the printers yesterday, for the shows.....24 page's of tabloid artwork. Joe's selling them at the show's for $5's ...another genius Izrock creation. I'm gonna bring some back to the Uk, they'll be on sale in my store for £3 and from Izrock also.

Best Aussie skate mag ever's so good... I'm gonna try and get a t-shirt as well!!!


Blogger DAVE THE CHIMP said...

hey Mr. French
maybe you seen this little movie, but if not I think you like it
enjoy the travels, looking forward to seeing lots of Oz crete (Berlin concrete parks are designed by blind people)

12:31 PM  

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