Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Lord Of Light, "Don't Come" Gallery Melbourne.

The "Lord of Light" exhibition opened on Monday night at the "Don't Come" Gallery in Melbourne. Myself, Joe Allen, Sam Smith and the rest of the "Council Of Dalba" travelled on a roadtrip down to melbourne hitting as many parks we could. it ended with the show. Here's some foto's of the set up and I'll post a full road trip section as soon as I get the foto's off the council.

I decided to paint a massive image on the largest wall of the gallery, but because the gallery is situated in an arcade if you wanna stay past 7pm you have to get locked in the building. Because of this Joe and Misha had to hoist me dinner and other supplies up from the street and into the gallery window using a pucket and some old power cords.

In total it took me around 13 hours to draw / paint the image and then Sam blacked out the back ground for me.

I ended up sleeping in the gallery, it felt a little weird 'cos it was so big, so to make things more cozzy I pitched my $40 tent and slept in my $8 kitten blanket on some cusions from the sofa's.

The opening went really well, I need to get some better images of the actual work, but there was the mural, a wall of digital prints, unframed. Then 2 walls of framed originals and screen prints. The works were all pretty reasonably priced from $90 - $600 aus. If you're interested in anything at the show just email me or contact Don't Come direct. But I will get better images of what was exactly in the show.

Edwina looked after us the whole time we were in Melbourne, she's a total winner. Letting a bunch of stinking unwashed dudes sleep in her house, taking us to pubs, cooking us dinner and in general looking after us. Thanks ..... you rule!

Edwina also made me this fucking sick Executioners hood..... so I could look like I'm on Sodom album cover. So talented!

I just wanna say a massive and total thanks to Sam and Joe for making the show happen and to Misha and all the crew at Don't Come. You guys are sikunt's!

Here's a list of thanks and sikunts: The Council Of Dalba, Grolsch, Vans, Carhartt, Shawn, Edwina, Louis, Misha, Alex, Ashley, Kristy, The Golden Cobra, DLX, Supply, Jason Gormley, Fuknoath, Scion free sox, Black Sabbath, Putrefukation, Camping Gas, Ray's Outdoors, Thrifty Cars, B.O, Formula 1, Coopers, Convic Skateparks, Ikea frames, Lovenskate Stu, Death Urethane, Indy Trucks, Deicide, f/s grinds, Ulladulla Skatepark, Scott Lowe, China Heights, Dave Ladd and Stephanie, 99 Degrees, Skate guides, CyberSalba and anyone else that made the show work.

Next stop Brisbane for "Hand of Glory" at "Nine Lives" Gallery.


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