Monday, October 05, 2009

Stefan Marx - Art Collector

Last week Stefan Marx was in London for a show at the Chapter One Gallery. I managed to meet up with him at Marcus's house to give him 3 large paintings he's wanted to by from me for a while. They were a little effort for him to take back on the planes. Here's Marcus holding the package for Stefan......

Thanks for giving my boys a home mate....


Anonymous John sifuentez said...

French, stumbled on your stuff one day, like it, then read up on your favorite board and got a woodie, lol, not sure how to reach you so im droping a note here,
your board gravedigger, santa cruz, I have one, picked it up new, and never rode it, work, school, more but check it out mint condition,at this url, a site i host, my site up soon, new business, up in a few days, tried to attach pics here not sure how, peace, dig your work, hope this blog finds you well. peace john sifuentez califonia,, have more shots drop me a line ill send them,

9:53 AM  

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