Saturday, September 19, 2009

DETHKILLS - studio and screen print

Yesterday, we went over to the Dethkills dudes studio to make some shirts and prints. Derek and myself (more derek) made a very Limited run of Wickerman screen prints to sell on the Dethkills site.

The set up Chris, Bobby and the others have is pretty sweet, I know that Hamgtime Stu would be stoked to see it.

Derek got his print on.....

But soon he started stressing.... he's like Laup, if you ask him why he's stressing, it really stresses him out. Bobby and me wound him up a treat, sorry Desmond.

Chris printing the Dethkills order for Supreme..... thats right Dethkills is in bed with the deavy hitters!!

Bobby made the screens....

The set up....

Early yesterday Jack and young man and epic playboy legend "McFly" got into town, to shred and come to the show tonight!!!

Bobby and Derek are letting us all crash on their living room floor....cheers dudes.

Last night Bobby and Derek had a shit load of people over for a BBQ and beers.

This man prooved that the american way ..... bigger is better..... more Miller, the champagne of beers.


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