Thursday, September 17, 2009

Starting the Initiation

Here's another action shot of the zine Derek has put together for the show. Its really rad, limited to 45 copies....

Obviously I thought I was the only person who has a stupid crack in my windscreen on my Rover. Derek's has 2 massive cracks either side like this..... It might be that rad people have broked windscreens?

Driving in LA blows goats, this is proof.

Yesteday we spent the day in the gallery, the space we have has been blacked out. So I painted this massive picture of satan on the wall. Derek helped me out loads by painting in the space around it. The dudes a work horse!!

You too could paint this in 4 and half hours if you listen to Sadomator, Archgoat and Malignancy really load....


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