Monday, March 23, 2009

Concussion Magazine

After the postman being a prick.... at last I got my box from Johnny at Concussion mag. He sent me some stickers, a mash cap with the logo I drew on it and also a shirt with my drawing and logo on there. I know it was also a suburban bliss shirt years ago, but Johnny wanted it for the mag really badly and Toby didn't mind it being used with a Concussion logo.

Stoked to get my work in Concussion, also this issue of the mag has the Hellfest article, which I wrote the intro....I'm a journalist now.


Blogger Nate Vormehr said...

anywhere to pick up that tee?

10:57 AM  
Blogger nightmare said...

hey just want to say i think your shits rad! love the drawings of the goats you did (think for vans) further down

also that im doing an essay for my art course on whether artists can assume a common audience or aim work at a specific cultural group and im mentioning the way artists such as yourself who have a big input into skateboarding and music can aquire a kind of following for being associated with something other than just art and wonder who you feel your audience and what you think of your work being for more than just people into following art

would really help me if you could get back to me on this and i would appreciate it but no problem man if you cant! cheers!


10:34 AM  
Blogger onírica said...


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