Wednesday, August 09, 2006


For the past 6 days I've been in Hamburg for Wacken Open Air metal Festival, with ALANGLASS, KLOKIUS and Sandra Faberja. This pictures from Annie's house where, as was made acustom last year we'd go for pre-post parties in Hamburg and generally ruin this poor girls life.......sorry Annie.

ALANGLASS and KLOKIUS sheltering between brutal metal onslaughts.

ALANGLASS his entire spair time.....wanting after shade, liquids and sitting around in his pants with a NAZI helmet on.

The walk back to the tent.......

Some bands like Cadaveric-Crematorium, Morbid Angel, Emperor, Celtic Frost and us a little excited....

Tent's down...

Sally on the train on the way home.....

Thanks to Stefan (MEGA-BLAST ARSE) Marx for all the love and looking after us....."my boys, my boy's)

Sorry to Anna for cutting her "entire works of Shakespeare" in half with a carving knife! Although it was the most fun i've ever had with a book!


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