Thursday, December 09, 2010


The new boards I drew for Creature arrived at the Penthouse today. I'm so, so unbelievably stoked to see them. This is a proper teenage dream for me. I can't believe I've done boards for Creature, its so rad!! and that they send me so many.

This is the 1st pool board I have done, its nuclear explosion made out of guts.... along with matching logo on the top.

Even better than that, if it could get better, I drew a board for Sam Hitz, its so amazing to draw something for someone who you're stoked on the way they skate, for a seriously sick company. Me and Sam Roberts stayed with Hitz in San Diego earlier in the year and we chatted about what he wanted for his board. He's a really cool guy, looked after us, took us drinking, skating and even hooked me up with some new wheels. I was also stoked on the dudes musical taste.... he likes some seriously good death metal. Oh and his Mrs cooks a mean breakfast. This was the best job I've ever had.

The Hitz board is limited to 400 and I have numbers 1 to 10, they come with a top graphic with my name on? and also a patch for your jacket.

I just wanted to say a massive, huge thanks to Lee at Creature for asking me to do these, to Hitz for looking after us and being down for me to make a board for him and to Shiner for being there.


Anonymous dog bowl said...

stoked for you richard.

when you laid them out on the floor i bet you w@nked yourself silly.

5:02 AM  
Blogger Jonny Haywire said...

Nice work French! stoked for you. Those look damn good.

5:32 AM  
Anonymous MIRZA said...


5:34 AM  
Anonymous fullertron said...

Yeah French... they're sick! mighty stoked.

1:14 PM  
Blogger Frans Boukas said...

This shit just destroyed me!!!! Fucking amazing job on these man! They're by far two of my favorite pieces you've ever done.

2:59 PM  
Blogger Murdoch said...

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6:40 PM  
Blogger Murdoch said...

Creature rules and so do you man.
Best logo!!!

6:41 PM  
Blogger Vins said...

S I C K !

11:46 PM  
Anonymous john w crisp said...

Awesome bro how do we purchase!

11:32 AM  
Anonymous Mander said...

Good job! Looks great.

3:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah boy i have a Hitz its sick to skate man rad graphic the patch is also rad man keep up the sick art!!

9:02 PM  

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