Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Trip to Lyon

I spent last week living in Lyon with the Antiz team. Juju and Hugo invited me to head out to France for the week to be part of the art exhibition to celebrate the new "artist" series of boards and also our seriously rad friend Samu Turning pro, well done mate.

It was a week of amazingly good and amazingly crap events.....Juju smashing his face in, Murle buggering his foot up and me losing 20 drawings by leaving them in the departure lounge of Heathrow Airport never to be seen again. But as usual, this is the provrow way.... it has to be.

Thanks so much to Hugo, Paulo, Juju for having me there, the whole Antiz team for being so much fun and good people, thanks to Vincent for letting me sleep at the Friche and skate the ramp, thanks to Rock and Eat for playing Dio and making burgers, to Lyon for having hills to bomb, to Arno for being a funny bastard, to all the people we met and hung out with.

Cheers ....


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