Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Garden Of Eden Print - Concrete Hermit

Concrete Hermit have produced a range of prints on the theme of the "The Garden Of Eden"

It says on the site :

"Specially commissioned from eight internationally renowned artists, these beautiful prints are produced in editions of 50. A snapshot of the best work out there at the moment, these genre-defining works are fantastic investments in the work of these great artists."

"The Garden of Eden
We asked four of the artists to produce a work in response to the title 'The Garden Of Eden'. Each of these prints is accompanied by a small Risograph Zine with extra images and interviews with each of the four artists."

I'm stoked cos also my amazing friend Chrissie Abbott has made a print, as well as Nigel Peake and Kid Acne.... theres more as well.

"We knew French would respond well to the Garden of Eden project - and this snake - ready to blow off Adam's head - is exactly what we expected! Beautifully printed using the finest quality materials, this piece is a fantastic example of French's wonderfully detailed work which is influenced by classical woodcarvings, satanic imagery, and black metal."

Printed using oil based inks - making the colours really vibrant - this is a print of the highest quality and an image that jumps out from the wall. Limited to only 50 copies, a must for any fan of Joyce's work.
420 x 594mm
Precision silk-screen print
Printed using oil based inks for strong, lasting colour
Edition of 50
Signed and Numbered


There's also an exhibition to go with it :

"Concrete Hermit is excited to present an exhibition of brand-new, luxury quality screen prints and products by some of the biggest names in illustration and design 2010."

"Running from the 22nd October to the 5th November 2010, this presentation will focus on new limited-edition Artist Series screen prints – editions of 50, printed majestically using oil-based inks – by James Joyce, Tim Biskup, Jon Burgerman and Kid Acne. It will also see the launch of our new Garden of Eden Series – again, oil-based screen printed editions of 50 by some of the UK’s most exciting illustrators; French, Nigel Peake, Chris Bianchi and Chrissie Abbott.
These fantastic artworks are beautiful examples of these great artists work. Signed and numbered individually, they are a fantastic investment and make wonderful Christmas gifts."

"There will be a private view of the works on the 28th October, from 6-9pm."


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