Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Volcom - London Store Shirt

I drew this shirt for Volcom's London Store last year, its out and on sale now. The stores on Earlham St in Covent Garden. Kev Parrott being a good lad sorted me out with a couple of shirts from the store a week or so ago. But I left them in Sav's bag after the pub and didn't get them back till now. Oh and Kev, they left the security tag on one of the shirts so the Pirate smashed it off with the truck of his board. I get the feeling he breaks security tags of things allot?

I even drew this texty bit for the back.....

Obligatory ....."check me out" branding in the neck. I'm never a big fan of having my name all over thing, but its inside the shirt so no ones really gonna see it.

Cheers to Tim for sorting it all out.


Anonymous B. Taylor said...

That's awesome!

5:57 AM  
Blogger Kevin said...

Oh yes.
Lovely stuff. I started that night with a carrier bag containing two tees for you - then after several cans found myself heading home with a drum kit in a taxi.


3:44 PM  

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